Preparing Fat Loss Friendly PancakesPosted on: Jun 18th 2012

If you’re looking for something new to have for breakfast and want something that would be perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch, protein pancakes are the perfect solution.

Many people do really enjoy a good pancake breakfast, but don’t enjoy the corresponding fat gain that can come on from just a few too many of these.

If you want to see fat loss success, it’s important that you are finding foods that you enjoy to eat to include in your plan, but ones that also satisfy your nutritional requirements.

Pancakes fit the bill perfectly.

Let’s look at how to prepare a healthier variety so that you can see optimal success with your diet and keep your taste buds happy at the same time.

The Ingredients

When preparing protein pancakes, you can either go for a balanced approach with an equal amount of healthy fats, proteins, as well as carbs, or you can go for the lower carb approach to really kick fat loss into high gear.

The lower carb variety can also be low in fats as well, so essentially a straight protein pancake. If you do want to have a balanced pancake, combine egg whites, whey protein powder, dry oats, and a bit of olive oil or flaxseeds for the healthy fats.

If you’re going low carb, omit the oats. Note that this will cook up more like a crepe, than a pancake however.

If you want a straight protein pancake, then use the basic egg whites and protein powder to prepare them. These are perfect for the most rapid fat loss progress ever.

Serving Suggestions

Once you’ve prepared your pancakes, avoid serving them with high calorie syrup. Instead, smear a little peanut or almond butter on them and add on a sliced banana or some berries.

Or if you wish, serve them with some light cream cheese and a sliced apple.

All will be great ways to dress them up without adding loads of unhealthy calories.

So don’t settle for the same old bland breakfast any longer. Try protein pancakes for an instant change of pace.

Terry Asher

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