Flaxseeds – An Overlooked Fat Loss SuperfoodPosted on: Jun 04th 2012

As you go about your diet plan, it’s important that you are making sure to vary your food intake from time to time. If you eat the same foods day after day, not only are you highly likely to become bored quite quickly, but you may also suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

It’s quite easy to gravitate to the same foods over and over again because chances are these are what you do know best. But it would be a mistake not to explore around a little.

One food that you should be eating if you aren’t already is flaxseeds.

Let’s have a quick look at why these are so important and beneficial for those on fat loss diets.

Healthy Omega Fats

The first reason why flaxseeds are a clear weight loss winner is because they’re an excellent source of omega fats. Many people are currently not getting enough healthy fats in their diet, especially the essential fatty acids.

These fats are especially important for promoting good fat oxidation rates in the body, so will clearly benefit anyone trying to get lean.


The second reason why flaxseeds are so great is because they’re also high in fiber as well. Fiber is going to help control your blood glucose levels while also keeping you more satisfied between meals. Another definite must if you want to stick with your diet plan.


Finally, flaxseeds also offer a bit of protein as well. Most fat-rich foods aren’t all that high in protein, but flaxseeds defy this rule.

By adding flaxseeds to your day, you’ll support your lean muscle tissue and help with the recovery and repair process.

So make sure you aren’t overlooking this superpower food. It’s easy to add into your diet, so pick some up today.

Terry Asher

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