Diet Destroyers That May Be Passing You ByPosted on: May 29th 2012

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you need to be highly aware of is certain foods that could be sabotaging your efforts without you even realizing it.

Many people make it a big priority to eat healthy if they’re trying to lose weight, but unfortunately are just not eating the right foods to see success.

The following foods can trip you up quickly and completely set you off track with your goals. Make sure they aren’t sneaking by you.

Protein/Energy Bars

The first problematic food is the protein or energy bar. These are especially bad because not only are they often higher in calories than a traditional chocolate bar, but they have just as much sugar as well.

While you will get the added protein they provide, they really aren’t all that much better than the candy bar. Don’t be led astray.

Fruit Juice

The next diet destroyer to concern yourself with is fruit juice. If you think this s a healthy option since it’s made with ‘real fruit’, think again.

Fruit juice contains far more calories than a piece of real fruit and lacks the fiber as well. Not a smart choice if your goal is weight loss.

‘Snack Packs’

Finally, the last food that will quickly destroy your diet is those snack packs that are conveniently marketed to dieters.

They may only contain just 100 calories each, but the foods they contain are essential devoid of nutritional value.

At the end of the day, these won’t move you any closer to your weight loss goal. So keep these foods in mind – if they’re sneaking into your diet, make sure that you give them the boot immediately.

Terry Asher

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