Achieving Those Six Pack AbsPosted on: Apr 22nd 2012

So you want to know the secret to getting those six pack abs, huh?

Well, I will tell you the secret right now: You already have them.

That's right, just about every person has six pack abs but they don't even know it. The only trouble is that you just can't see them yet. But yes, they are there.

Now that you know that, you just have to make them visible. There are two elements to begin working on having a six pack: building you abdominal muscles, and burning the fat that covers them over.

The first one is easy: lots and lots of crunches, leg lifts, sit ups, ab machines, and more. Alternating every other day, or every third day should be enough time to allow your ab muscles the recovery they need to grow bigger and stronger.

The second aspect is much more challenging. Burning fat is a full body endeavor. You can't just assume you can do a million ab exercises and burn your bell fat off. That might promote muscle building, but to burn the belly fat you need a full body exercise program to burn off your total body fat percentage.

In fact, the correlation is so close, you can pretty much estimate very accurately a persons body fat percentage just by looking at their abs. For men, abs start showing up around 12% body fat. But that ideal six-pack, the ?Brad Pitt in Fight Club? look, doesn't really begin to take effect until about 8% body fat.

For women, the percentages are a little higher. A six-pack becomes present at around 16% body fat. But due to differences in body types and hormonal balances, that 16% may be a lot more difficult to come by.

So remember that the next time somebody tells you to do sit up after situp to get rid of that belly fat. To get those core six pack abs you really need to develop a full-scale exercise and diet program that targets a whole body workout. That means lots and lots of cardiovascular activities, muscle building, a healthy diet, and yes, a solid regiment of core body exercises.

If you're only a few steps away, you can probably get there no problem. But if you find your body fat percentage at 20% or more, you're going to need long term goals to stay in shape and stay healthy to achieve your body fat ambitions.

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