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Now you can ‘upgrade” your Omega-3 rich Fish Oil capsules to ones that are proven 47 times more effective for your health …. and for no additional cost!

As you know, leading natural health experts recommend everyone should be taking Fish Oil. The main reason is the Omega 3 antioxidants in it reduce health-killing free radicals in your body.

But this breaking new research proves you should upgrade from your regular fish oil because a new kind works much better. It gives you more of the health benefits you want most – now and in the future.

The news is that Krill Oil has proven far superior to regular Fish Oil for your health. In fact, a recent McGill University study by R.Bunea, M.D., K. Farrah, M.D. and L. Deutsch, M.D. showed:

Good Cholesterol rose 10 times more than with regular fish oil. (HDL 44% vs. 4.2%)

Bad Cholesterol dropped 16 times more than with regular fish oil. (LDL 32% vs. 2%)

PAIN reduced 3 times more in only seven days than with regular fish oil (-30 vs. -10; study at Western Ontario and McMaster University WOMAC scores)

Here are more proven clinical study results …

FASTER and EASIER WEIGHT LOSS by improved glucose metabolism and stabilization of blood sugar levels

BETTER HEART HEALTH by reducing inflammation

Prevention of blood clots and high blood pressure that lead to heart attack and stroke

Reduced risk of death from heart problems. “It reduces the risk of forming a blood clot – a major factor in heart attacks” write authors Dr. Frank Ryan and Dr Reg Saynor, who turned 80 earlier this year, looking barely a day over 50 – a fact he credits to this SuperFood supplement!

Decreased joint pain

Improves mood and provides relief of PMS symptoms for women

As you can plainly see, you get a lot more health benefits to make you feel and look your best, relieve your health problems naturally, and help prevent serious illnesses.

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Your Truly, Terry Asher

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