3 Foods That Give You EnergyPosted on: Dec 21st 2011

If your batteries always seem to be running low, here are three energizers you should add to your day: apples, sesame seeds, and good old H20.

Research suggests that each of these items may have unique stamina-shifting powers that could boost your energy naturally.

Apples: These red (or green) beauties are one of the best food sources of quercetin, a plant-based phytochemical that's been linked to greater athletic endurance in some studies. Researchers have tested its effects on athletes using high doses. But you can get yours naturally from not only apples but also onions and tea.

Sesame seeds: These little guys are chock-full of magnesium -- a mineral that cells need in order to turn the food we eat into energy our bodies can use. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on peanut butter toast, add them to trail mix, and toss a heaping tablespoonful into stir-fry, pasta salad, and baked goods.

Water: Getting dehydrated is one of the quickest ways to take the spring out of your step. In fact, being even just a little dehydrated can lead to unpleasant feelings like fatigue, crankiness, and foggy thinking. So when you feel yourself dragging, try grabbing yourself a tall drink of water.

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